Instagram Ads: 5 Advanced Tips You Can Use In 2021

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Instagram ads are one of the most effective ways to reach audiences with the world’s current focus on social media. If used correctly, these ads can lead to Instagram growth as well as business success. But creating ads for Instagram is easier said than done, right?

If you’d like to start an ad campaign on social media, but you’re not sure how to go about doing that, we’re here to help.


Five Advanced Tips To Implement In Your Instagram Ads

Check out our five advanced tips to help you improve your Instagram ad game!


Boost Your Best Performing Content

Instagram Ads 1

Something important to keep in mind when running social media is that, in reality, not all posts are equal.

Some posts are always going to be more successful than others, and that’s dependent upon a lot of factors. The bottom line is that your audience will resonate more with certain types of posts. Maybe they like a certain style of graphic or photo, or maybe they prefer IG reels, longer videos or like certain caption styles.

You’ll figure these things out with trial and error, and, once you do, you can use the knowledge to your advantage. To determine which of your posts is most successful, check the analytics for all of your posts. This will tell you which posts went over the best with your followers.

Once you know which post was your most successful, you can boost it by following these steps:

  • Go to your profile and tap the post you want to promote.
  • Below the image, you’ll see “promote” – click on that.
  • Answer the questions that appear in order to create the settings for your promotion.
  • Click “next.”
  • Either connect your account to a Facebook profile, if you haven’t done so already or click “skip.”
  • Select “create promotion” under review.

After completing the process explained above, your post will be submitted to Instagram for approval. You’ll receive notifications throughout the approval process to keep you updated. If Instagram accepts your post, the promotion will begin running!


Create Native Ads

Instagram Ads 2

The next thing you can do to improve the effectiveness of your Instagram ads is to employ the use of native ads.

What are native ads? These are simply advertisements that are designed to blend in with non-promotional media. In the context of Instagram, this means that ads are created as normal posts, but, in the end, they subtly suggest that viewers purchase a product or service.

Creating native ads may sound difficult in the beginning, but it’s pretty simple when you think about it. Creating Instagram content is something that you do frequently, right? Developing native ads is no different from what you do all the time.

To make your ads look native, simply consider the elements that are included in the rest of your posts. What type of writing do you typically add? What tone do you use? Are you a fan of including stickers or interactive GIFs on your story posts?

These are all aspects of Instagram posts that you can incorporate into your native ads. Simply adding common elements to your ads will help them to better blend into your feed. This will make viewers more inclined to read all of the information that you post since they won’t be immediately turned off by the promotional feeling that typically accompanies ads.


Make Sure You’re Targeting The Right Audience

Instagram Ads 3

Targeting is a very important aspect of Instagram ads. This practice refers to identifying the ideal audience for your Instagram account and then gearing your advertisements toward this group of people.

When identifying your target audience, spend time thinking about the people who are most likely to be interested in whatever product or service you are advertising. Here are some tips to keep in mind when identifying your audience:

  • Consider demographics such as the age, gender, career, or location of your target audience.
  • Think of a niche size that is a happy medium.
  • If you go too broad, you might reach a lot of targets who aren’t quite right for you, making it difficult to find your true ideal audience.
  • Targeting too specific of a niche will prevent you from reaching all of the users who may be interested in your Instagram ads.

Once you find the sweet spot of advertising targets, you’ll likely find that your Instagram ads are increasingly successful.


Improve Your Budgeting

Instagram Ads 4

When developing a plan for budgeting for Instagram ads, there are a few factors to take into consideration. First, you should determine whether you want to establish a daily or lifetime budget.

If you select a daily budget, you’ll set a maximum amount of money to spend daily on Instagram ads. Each day, Instagram will run your ad until the monetary limit is reached, and then it’ll stop for the day.

Setting a budget for the lifetime of the campaign refers to establishing a spending limit for the duration of the period that your ads will run on Instagram. The app will average out the spending to determine how the ads will run daily.

There are various plans that you can select for an Instagram ad campaign budget, depending on what your goal is and what style of ads you are publishing. You can end up spending between $1 and $40 a day, so it’s important to have a clear idea of what your target spending will be.

You can improve your budgeting by taking the time to figure out which style of Instagram ads will be most effective for you, how often you want the ad to run, and how much money you’re willing to spend in total. Once you establish these facts, you can develop a plan for daily or lifetime spending and determine how much you hope to spend.


Create Mobile-First Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads 5

Mobile-first Instagram ads are a great way to attract users to your products or services.

Mobile-first advertising refers to ads that are designed for the ease or convenience of mobile device users. Since most people use Instagram on their phones, this app is a great place to publish mobile-first ads.

Mobile-first advertising is important because it can help you to keep viewers’ attention rather than losing it as soon as they see your ad. As a mobile user, it’s easy to tell when a website or advertisement has been designed for larger screens or any other type of device. So, in order to help your ads to stand out, make mobile device users feel as though their experience was a priority when the ad was designed.

Here are some ways that you can design Instagram ads to be mobile-first:

  • Create graphics that fit most smartphone screens, so that images are not distorted or cut off.
  • Use buttons or other interactive features that are easy to click and engage with.
  • Ensure that your website is working at a speed that’s desirable for mobile device users.


Instagram Ads Made Easy

If you’ve been considering running an Instagram ad campaign but have been too overwhelmed by all that is involved with it, then hopefully this guide helped ease some of your concerns.

There’s a lot to keep track of when running a successful campaign with Instagram ads, but using these five tips will help you to seriously improve your Instagram ads game, or start on the right foot if you’re new to it.

We hope that this guide has been helpful. If you decide to try out any of the tips we offered, please come back and let us know how it goes!

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2021 SEO Checklist to Get Your WordPress Site Ranking Higher

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SEO Checklist

Let’s get this one thing straight: SEO or Search Engine Optimization is not going anywhere soon.

There has been no shortage of think pieces over the past couple of years declaring that SEO is approaching its death knell, but nothing can be further from the truth.

In fact, SEO is more important now than it’s ever been.

So long as there are users looking for information through search engines, mobile or desktop, SEO will continue to play a pivotal role in the digital marketing landscape.

If you want to drive plenty of organic traffic to your WordPress website in 2018 and beyond, you’d do well to adopt the most relevant SEO practices according to the current digital climate.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of top SEO strategies every WP user must have in their SEO toolbox.

Ready? Then read on!

2021 SEO Checklist to Get Your WordPress Site Ranking Higher

1. Create an XML Sitemap

If you’re not one for coding, don’t let the term “XML Sitemap” scare you — it’s not as technical as it sounds.

To put it simply, an XML Sitemap is a collection of URLs that point to every important content on your website. This gives search engine crawlers an organized “map” that can expedite the indexation process.

For those who are curious, “XML” stands for Extensive Markup Language — a format for displaying information on the web.

With a sitemap in place, you’re basically delivering an elevator pitch to Google, giving it a preview of the pages it might want to index.
XML Sitemap

“So how do I create an XML sitemap?” you ask.

Creating a sitemap, believe it or not, will only take you under a minute.

You either use a sitemap generator to do the work for you or refer to Neil Patel’s guide on how to create an XML sitemap for the fine details.

2. Do Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the important point in SEO Checklist a fundamental component of any SEO campaign. They are, after all, what people use to search for information on search engines.

A rule of thumb is to target keywords that are relevant to your brand, niche, and industry. However, what plenty of marketers don’t know and do is to target keywords with commercial intent.

Put simply, these are keywords that contain commercial or question-based terms, like “hire,” “buy,” “how to,” and “services.” For example, if you’re in the web design space, then some of the commercial keywords you can use include:

Affordable web design services
Hire web designer
Web design for hire

Normally, these keywords don’t have as many searches as broader terms, but they’re definitely used by potential leads who are ready to convert.

Now that you have an idea of what keywords to target, it’s time to plug them into your content the right way.

The most popular SEO tool for this would be Yoast SEO, which automatically evaluates your content’s SEO and readability.

After entering your focus keyword, the plugin pretty much tells you everything you need to know and do to improve your content’s rank worthiness, including where and how often should you put your target keywords.

Yoast SEO also has other on-page optimization tools you can use for free, like the snippet editor that lets you directly modify your content’s page title, meta description, and URL slug — all in one place.

3. Speed Up Your Website’s Loading Time

Apart from your keyword strategy, your website’s loading speed is also another SEO factor in SEO checklist that can impact your search engine rankings. And whether you believe it or not, it can also affect your website’s conversion performance.

According to Kissmetrics, around 40 percent of users abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load, which means you could be limiting your website’s ROI potential by nearly half.

Thankfully, speeding up your WordPress website is a cakewalk. With the right tools, you don’t have to go through plenty of hoops to pull it off.

You can start by running a website speed test through Pingdom Tools or GTmetrix. Doing so will let you pinpoint the bottlenecks that require your immediate attention.

Here is a list of the most common optimizations you need and how to execute them:

4. Pick a better web host

When it comes to choosing a web host, you can’t afford to be a cheapskate.

Although a shared hosting plan may provide you with cost savings at first, you end up compromising your website’s speed and stability down the road, especially once you start getting a steady stream of traffic.

To cater to your website’s growing needs, don’t be reluctant to upgrade to a VPS, SSD, or dedicated hosting plan as soon as your budget allows.

5. Use a solid WordPress theme

It’s always better to strive for simplicity when choosing a WP theme.

If you pick one that’s loaded with visual fandangles, you risk hampering your website’s speed performance in the process.

What you need to do is to go for themes that prioritize viewability rather than visual fidelity.

Fortunately, such themes are abundant in the official WordPress theme library. You may also search using the keyword “fast” for a quick list of themes that are built to perform well.
solid wordpress theme

6. Compress your images

Out of all the on-page optimization methods that can boost your website’s performance, compress images brings about the most noticeable improvement.

For this, you can use an image compression plugin like WP Smush to reduce the file size of images without any perceivable loss in quality.

On top of its handy “Bulk Smush” feature, it can also be set to automatically compress new images that are uploaded to your media library.

Use a CDN (Content Delivery Network)

If you want reduced latency to get faster response and improve your contents’ download times, then you need to get a CDN.

A reputable company that offers top of the line CDN services like Incapsula has cache control options, uses intelligent caching, high-speed storage, and even tools that can optimize your website’s performance — all while lowering your bandwidth costs.

With how big of an impact your site’s load speed is to SEO, and how crucial CDNs are at improving it, you shouldn’t cut corners by not using CDNs.

7. Launch a link-building campaign

If you want search engines like Google to discover your website and acknowledge its relevance, you need to feed it some “link juice.”

What this really means is that you need to build backlinks to your website from other authoritative sites.

By being linked by other, high-ranking sites in your niche, you are essentially proving to Google that your website is also a credible source of information. More importantly, you’re also leveraging the online reach of popular sites to gain some organic traffic for your own.

Want to see what a typical link building strategy looks like? Here’s a nice little infographic from TechnoBlend that can help.
Link Building

Here are proven link-building tactics that will do wonders for your off-page SEO.

Tear it up on the guest blogging front

Posting valuable content on more popular blogs not only exposes your site to a larger audience, it’s also the perfect opportunity to build a robust backlink profile.

Aside from building backlinks, guest-blogging also allows you to showcase your expertise in the industry in this seo checklist. This can do wonders for your reputation and the confidence of prospective leads in your brand.

8. Optimize your social media presence

Every business worth its salt needs to establish and build a social media presence. Optimize your social media presence is another important point is seo checklist.

Just like with guest blogging, social media posts can also direct qualified traffic to your website.

In addition, search engines also pick up social signals from Facebook, Twitter, and pretty much every other network as ranking factors. Engaging your audience in social media by sharing your blog posts will also greatly expand your content’s reach — thus, giving it more opportunities to reach influencers and earn backlinks.

Network with industry peers

Whether you like it or not, no business can stand alone.

If you want your brand to be on the radar, you have to hobnob with peers from the same industry as yours.

A good start is to familiarize yourself with influential bloggers who have been making waves in your niche. Regularly post comments, follow them on social media, link to their content — do whatever it takes to get their attention and build an active relationship with them.

If they see you publishing blog posts they find valuable, don’t be surprised if they start linking your content in their own articles as well. Talk about quality backlinks!

Reclaim links
When blogging, it’s only right to link back to a source material that helped you prove your points.

Sadly, there will always be bloggers who overlook the importance of this practice.

If you discover content that mentions your brand or cites your data, don’t hesitate to give the publisher a gentle reminder to promptly add the right link. Tell them that it also benefits the overall impact of their content as well as the experience of their readers.

To find mentions of your brand on the web, you can use Google Alerts or social media listening tools like Sprout Social, HootSuite, and Social Mention.


So there you have it — the top SEO checklist that will propel your WordPress site to the top of Google rankings.

Whether you’re new to SEO or not, following the steps above will help you position your brand in a way that will drive a ton of conversions and leads to your business. Cheers!

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About Shri Posts

Shri Posts

Shri shares exciting WordPress themes, plugins and other WordPress related news for our viewers. He also posts selected WordPress developers interviews from time to time.

Free Posterity Theme

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How to Create & Save Drafts of Published Posts with Strive

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You need to update a post.

No problem.

You open the editor and start editing away.

But as you work, you realize that the update is going to take longer than you expected. You need to add a new section and include a few new graphics.

Here’s why that sucks:

  1. If you save, your half-baked update will be published for the whole world to see.
  2. If you don’t save, you could accidentally close the browser tab and lose all of your work.

So what do you do?

You copy your work and paste it into a new draft.

It’s messy, but it works. When you’re finished, you realize something: you can’t schedule this post because it will publish a second copy on your site.

So the next morning, you set an alarm and manually copy the content back over to the live post and try to republish it on your regular schedule.

Sound like fun?

Nope, didn’t think so!

One feature WordPress desperately needs is the ability to create revisions so you can make changes to published posts and save your changes without making them public.

And you’re in luck because this feature and many more are available in the Strive Content Calendar plugin for WordPress.

How to save private drafts of live posts

Strive is a content calendar plugin for WordPress with a host of content management tools.

Strive Calendar Plugin

While you might like the calendar, the reason I’m including it here is because of its post revisions feature.

With Strive installed, you’ll find a new “Create Revision” link added to the Posts menu. Just hover over your published post to find it.

Create a revision

Clicking the link immediately creates an exact replica of the post. The revision is created as a “draft,” so it allows you to work privately and save your changes without affecting your live website.

Since it’s easy to accidentally make edits to your live post, the revisions are clearly labeled with a blue notice in the admin toolbar.

Revision Label

As you’ve seen, creating revisions couldn’t be simpler. Now let’s look at how you can publish your revisions.

How to publish a revision

Since a revision is a draft, you can publish it by clicking the “Publish” button, just like a normal post.

Publish Revision

When you publish the revision, everything from the post content to the Featured Image will override the original post, and the draft will be moved to Trash. After publishing the revision, you can visit your original post to see it updated with the new content.

One more benefit of using revisions is that it allows you to schedule your updates like normal posts.

Strive never changes the post’s permalink since this is bad for SEO. It even removes this option when editing revisions to prevent mistakes.

Schedule your revisions

Since revisions are exact replicas of published posts, they preserve the original publication date. However, you can pick a future date to schedule a revision on your site.

When the revision goes live, the new date will override the old date, pushing the post to the front of your blog. This allows you to republish your posts the same way as new posts.

You might also appreciate that scheduled revisions show up in your content calendar like new posts.

Revisions Calendar Label
Scheduled revisions are also labeled as such

This makes it easy to fill your content calendar with a mixture of new posts and updates.

Saving published posts as drafts

WordPress is a powerful CMS, but there are times when it lacks tools for a professional editorial workflow. This is one of those times.

Luckily, there’s always a plugin available, and Strive addresses this issue well with its post revisions feature.

If you want to try Strive on your site, you can download it here:

Download the Strive plugin

New users get access to the 30-day free trial, which unlocks all features including post revisions.

Thanks for reading this tutorial on saving drafts of published pages, and if you enjoyed it, make sure to share it with someone else you think you would like it too.

Ben Sibley

Ben Sibley

Ben Sibley is a WordPress theme designer & developer, and founder of Compete Themes.

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27 Top Transportation & Logistics WordPress Themes 2021

Read Time:18 Minute, 15 Second

By handpicking the best transportation and logistics WordPress themes, we ensured high quality, amazing features, and excellent support from the theme authors.

Our focus was simple: Professional, clean, and interactive designs. The three things that make up any industry-level logistics website out there.

We learned that many theme developers did individual research studies to understand what makes an excellent logistics website during structuring this roundup. (Bravo!)

They then used their findings to build a theme that reflects those ideas and concepts.

Your transportation and logistics business can significantly benefit from a website.

Make it quickly and efficiently with any of the themes below.

Highest Rated Logistics & Transportation WordPress Themes

1. TheGem

TheGem is a highly efficient and user friendly WordPress theme. A professional concept that intends to support selected markets. Needing a page for a transportation service or somebody to handle your affairs?

Layout itself has as many visual pleasing aspects as possible. Tons of sidebar options, customizable video backgrounds and parallax are some of the features you get.

TheGem is flexible as it can get with WPBakery page builder. It also includes MailChimp and WPML and offers pre-built options for calendars, testimonials, and more.

TheGem is WooCommerce integrated to specifically handle your online store selling products and services. It is also documented and offers a child theme to expand customization possibilities!

More info / Download

2. Divi

divi transportation logistics wordpress theme

Divi is a powerful, practical and multi-purpose WordPress theme that alters to any niche and any industry without a hitch. Use it as a transportation and logistics WordPress theme, too, and succeed online with your expert services.

You do not need to have any prior experience and knowledge, designing and developing websites, to be able to work with Divi. This tool is very user-friendly, making sure everyone can use it to its full potential.

Divi follows all the modern trends and regulations, ensuring that your website stands the test of time. Choose from countless available demos or even come up with your custom designs.

After all, building with Divi does not ask for programming knowledge whatsoever.

Go with the flow, release your creative thinking and create the website you’d like to own and win the online game.

More info / Download

3. Jevelin

Jevelin is another multi-concept WordPress theme that knows no boundaries. In fact, the only limitation you have is your imagination. Let it race crazy and craft a spectacular website for your transportation or logistics business.

Jevelin has no problem adapting to your needs and regulations, so make sure you enhance and improve it accordingly. When you put Jevelin to use, you will instantly see how dominant the theme is.

Plus, it pretty much has it all available for you. From website demos to numerous features and extensions, Jevelin is a serious deal.

What’s more, Jevelin is fully mobile-ready, cross-browser compatible and in tune with retina screens and search engines. It is also optimized for speed to ensure outstanding performance on mobile and desktop devices.

Get your name out there with Jevelin and shine online like a pro from the start.
More info / Download

4. Transport

Transport is one of the more successful WP business themes for transportation, logistics, and general transport service businesses.

As a logistics business, your first necessity is going to services, and customer testimonials to instill trust signals.

Transport gives you all that, on top of WPBakery, WooCommerce, and Slider Revolution integration to maximize the flexibility of managing your designs.

Transport focuses on several key performance factors outside of a smooth design, including search engine optimization.

Add custom performance optimization for individual pages so that their load times would be quick and steadfast. The Transport theme serves you right.

More info / Download

5. Transport WP

Transport WP is yet another brilliant transportation and logistics WordPress theme for logistics businesses.

You’re putting yourself at the very front of the modern design, great features, and support system to keep your website pitch-perfect every time you make crucial changes to it.

The Transport WP theme offers multiple ways in which you can modify your WordPress website.

You pick from ready-made elements and then use WPBakery page builder to structure it according to your liking.

That’s what we love about this theme so much, the simplicity of customization.

As a part of the theme package, you’ll be getting access to some premium WP plugins at no cost whatsoever.

The website performance never feels pressured despite the extensive list of plugins and features of Transport WP.

More info / Download

6. Etalon

Etalon is an influential WordPress theme ideal for companies and emerging businesses. It has a wide range of selected topics to choose at many professional levels.

Etalon is versatile and offers to include testimonials of happy clients to ensure your business gains credibility.

It includes a special transportation area, in which unlike other themes, features experts’ diagnosis and table of services. You will even receive warranty and performance check services.

Etalon uses images as an instrument to prove their quality. It features more 3000 icons and fonts together from well-known brands. Other amazing options include 2 premium sliders and CSS3 animations on backgrounds.

Its layout can give you tons of options from widget areas to amazing configurations. Etalon uses WPBakery Page Builder and it is SEO optimized. Loading speed is also fast and its code is clean!

More info / Download

7. Sway

sway transportation logistics wordpress theme

For transporation businesses and logistics services, Sway is an excellent WordPress theme to create a superb online presence.

With the tool, the demo material and every possible feature imaginable, you can sort out a professional website in little to no time.

Sway equips you with a slider, parallax effect, predefined quote form, scrolling animations, back to top button and Google Maps. You can also share pricing plans, create a blog and the list goes on.

Modern, creative and engaging are the three core characteristics of Sway, so make sure you take it to your total advantage.

More info / Download

8. Logisco

logisco transportation logistics wordpress theme

If your company offers logistics and transportation services, Logisco is the WordPress theme you should consider.

This easy to use page skin is full of ready-to-use material and other cracking features that will amaze and impress all your current and future clients. It’s the website where they can find all about you and what you offer before getting in touch to do business.

Logisco comes with a ton of material that will have your fresh and fully active page up and running swiftly.

From home and internal page designs to different headers, powerful admin panel, live customizer and coming soon mode, it is all there, in the Logisco kit.

Make it follow your branding and customize it however you fancy – coding knowledge not necessary.

More info / Download

9. Infinite

infinite transportation logistics wordpress theme

Logistic firms and transportation companies, you are in luck. Thanks to Infinite, you can now establish a striking website that will take your business to new successes.

Let your page push your services and market your offerings in the best possible light online. Everyone can now learn all about you and how you can benefit them with sorting out their cargo.

Infinite is stuffed with impressive sample material which you can take to your total advantage. No need to start building a page from scratch anymore; simply choose Infinite and go from there.

You do not even need to hire a coder nor a designer to get things moving forward. Infinite is very newbie-friendly, including documentation and support, too.

Additional amenities contain online appointment form, slider, sticky navbar, parallax effect, accordions and a full-blown blog section. Do things your way with Infinite and shine online.

More info / Download

10. Pearl

Pearl is a WordPress theme suitable for all business in general, but, at the same time, for each one in particular. How? With unique niche demos and flexible designs with +200 custom content modules.

It is a masterpiece developed to reveal the distinctive nature of every type of business.

With this special tool you get the greatest multi-location services ever. Share client feedback and create staff pages for reassurance. General features include fonts, multiple footers, WPML compatibility and full responsiveness.

Pearl has a large list of compatible plugins you can add and integrate to it. Make your business shine with WooCommerce shops and a practical mega menu navigation.

Get it with the one-click set up and enjoy the extensive documentation! You can also reach out to the 24/7 support team and benefit from the user-tailored guidance.

More info / Download

11. LeadEngine

LeadEngine is a sleek, intuitive and responsive WordPress multipurpose theme. It’s a theme built for business.

The theme simplifies website construction for all users (0 coding!). Powerful premium plugins and professional-quality templates do the heavy lifting.

Transportation businesses and professionals love working with LeadEngine. It takes all the guesswork out of the equation. The Transport pre-built demo website sets you up with everything you need.

Showcase your fleet, offerings and packages in polished portfolio pages. Communicate with your customer base through customizable blog pages and offer detailed rate and fee breakdowns in sharp presentation.

LeadEngine boosts your transportation business from every angle. It’s time to take your business to a bold new destination!

More info / Download

12. Morz

morz transportation logistics wordpress theme

Morz is a transportation and logistics WordPress theme with a mobile-ready, retina screen friendly, SEO optimized and cross-browser compatible web design.

Instead of one, you get multiple home styles for your convenience, all easily editable with Beaver Builder.

It’s a fantastic drag and drop website editor that allows you to tweak Morz without the need to touch code.

The updates are free of charge and the access to the professional team of experts is open 24/7. Morz also includes a 30-day money-back guarantee (!) that’s not very common when it comes to WordPress themes.

Yes, that’s how confident they are about their product! That said, take action now and get your business rocking on the internet.

More info / Download

13. Handel

Handel is a multifaceted WordPress theme. It has a professional orientation which makes it great for service-based businesses. Within its special demos you will find incredible options including one for transportation.

Its layout offers handy shortcodes, WPBakery editor and Bootstrap foundation.

Handel transport has unlimited portfolio and blogs styles, plus testimonial pages and cost calculator. You will get money transactions for your services, tickets and such through WooCommerce.

You can create galleries, add a contact form and activate newslettersWPML compatibility is also available for you to translate Handel into any language you want.

Handel is also regularly updated for the necessary smooth operation. Make your professional transport service the best of its kind with a killer online promotion!

More info / Download

14. Kallyas

KALLYAS is a precise and attractive WordPress creative eCommerce multipurpose theme. An easy-to-use website building tool that empowers webmasters from all backgrounds.

A powerful Visual Builder lets you craft dynamic pages without skipping a beat. Over 100 different elements are yours to fiddle with. Make the pages you need by customizing KALLYAS any way you see fit.

Transportation and logistics businesses find in KALLYAS a natural solution to their needs. Engaging portfolios allow you to showcase your company’s service in seamless style.

Capture new clients, explain your business model and pricing, and make a new business deal. KALLYAS packs what you need to succeed in the logistics and transportation business!

More info / Download

15. Wheelco

Wheelco is a WordPress theme orientated to transportation businesses. It was exclusively designed for delivery, logistics, and moving and cargo websites.

You will get an incredible tool with an elegant and fresh design to promote your services professionally. Wheelco comes with 8 modern and pre-built styles that are ready to import and use.

It has a clean, minimalistic and unique style with a flexible layout focused on products.

Wheelco supports premium third-party plugins like WooCommerce, WP Job Manager and Visualizer. All of this will make you the selling expert you need to be. Icon Stroke, Font Awesome and Google Fonts are also included.

Wheelco is mobile-friendly, SEO optimized, responsive and cross-browser compatible. Documentation, regular updates and 24/7 support team are feats that keep confidence at the highest degree.

Don’t hesitate to make the right choice for your business! Wheelco is the right choice.

More info / Download

16. Ekko

ekko transportation logistics wordpress theme

When the time comes to get serious with your business, make sure you take care of your web presence. And to get things going like a professional, kick things off with Ekko.

This transportation and logistics WordPress theme has you covered with all the necessary and then some; from a complete website demo, which you can use immediately, to tons of features and components.

Once you start editing Ekko, all of a sudden, you are ready to release your fresh new website to the online space. The process sure is quick. Have in mind that WPBakery page builder takes care of coding and makes it all visual.

Additional treats of Ekko are responsive and browser harmonious layout, video support, sticky navigation, “get a quote” form, animated statistics and Google Maps.

More info / Download

17. Logio

logio transportation wordpress theme

Logio is a powerful and practical transportation and logistics WordPress theme to push your services over and beyond.

It all starts with picking any from the available 3 demos and coupling them with other necessary inner layouts. From then on, you can tailor the default look to your branding directions and you are nearly done.

With Elementor, you can fully enhance the appearance of Logio, even create custom templates – without coding.

Some other features are animations, MailChimp, translation-readiness, Contact Form 7 and one-click demo data installation. Start spreading the word out for your cargo services now with Logio.

More info / Download

18. Additrans

additrans transportation wordpress theme

Additrans is a modern and highly valuable WordPress theme that anyone in the transportations, logistics, delivery and warehousing can use.

Not only do the ready-made samples work for different intentions, but you can also modify Additrans to your regulations quickly. It is a tool full of amazing features and possibilities for everyone to get the most out of it.

The layout of Additrans is perfectly in tune with all modern devices, screens and web browsers. In other words, the performance of your website will always be first-class.

Take a peek at the live demo preview and see the superb Additrans in operation.

More info / Download

19. Equita

equita logistics wordpress theme

Transportations services, logistics, trucking, you name it, Equita is here to make an immediate difference. Instead of starting working on a website from the ground up, you can now grab a WordPress theme and speed things up.

With the one-click sample import, you can start working on your website immediately.

Since Equita will never ask you for coding knowledge, everyone can easily win the website building game with Equita. You can even use it out of the box and save extra time and energy.

A lot is possible with the flexible Equita, so make sure your services pop and your business grows with a professional website.

More info / Download

20. Transcargo

transportation WordPress theme

Transcargo is a professional business solution for logistics, shipping, and transport type of businesses who are eager to create a one of a kind website.

The first thing that caught our eye was the massive intro slider, which is divided into 4 unique service pages (each with their own featured image). Unlike traditional sliders, the Transcargo theme uses big and clear icon fonts to characterize each of the sections.

You can use many of the inbuilt components designed to help you display information, but also reviews and testimonials from previous clients.

Transcargo makes sure you start immediately and have a full-blown biz page ready and live quickly. Go!

More info / Download

21. Hook

Hook is simple to manage and partially oriented to startup business. It suits quite well non exploited areas like the transportation sector, too!

You will be happy to use the stylish event schedule to show the schedules of your transport service. Hook comes with many features like RTL and well-animated portfolio feeds.

With this theme, you can obtain a footer builder, 4 default sidebars and 70+ element pages.  It is also compatible with most browsers and all screens or devices.

Hook iworks with premium plugins like MailChimp, Slider Revolution and Contact Form 7. Create newsletters, amazing galleries and all the forms you want!

Hook provides you with WooCommerce plugin to set up shops and purchase. Yes, Hook is a complete solution for your business website, so don’t miss its amazingness.

More info / Download

22. Cargo

Delivery Express – Just another Cargo Theme Sites site

Cargo is an excellent pick to consider as your next stronghold for a digital presence if your business involves services like storage, shipping, and delivery.

You’ll instantly find a way to appreciate the inbuilt calculator that visitors can use to calculate estimated costs for delivery services.

The calculator form lets visitors specify direct dimensions of the package, including its weight, and the distance that it needs to travel to the final destination.

The feature list includes mobile responsive design, one-click demo import, grid-based portfolios, integrated Rapid Composer for swift design prototyping, custom header layouts and shortcodes specifically for the logistics and transport industries.

You also get the option to select between boxed and fullwidth layouts for individual pages. Make your business go around the world with Cargo.

More info / Download

23. Moovit Cargo

moovit cargo transportation logistics wordpress theme

Moovit Cargo is a smart WordPress theme that works seamlessly with transportation and logistics companies. If you are looking to expand your reach, make sure to sort out a business-driven website and raise your potential.

To achieve spectacular results, all you need is to gain access to Moovit Cargo.

Why’s that?

With the user-friendliness and intuitive page builder, anyone can create a website that is exactly to their liking. No programming knowledge is necessary to profit from Moovit Cargo.

One click installation, over 30 inner pages, Elementor, pricing tables and online appointments are some of the unique features of the always amazing Moovit Cargo.

The layout is responsive and cross-browser compatible, as well as fast loading for a continuous terrific performance.

More info / Download

24. Optime

optime-transportation logistics wordpress theme

You will be hooked immediately once you see Optime in effect. Optime is modern and clean, packed with 3 different homes for a speedy start.

It is a guarantee that your page will be flexible & responsive, and compatible with browsers, retina screens, Google and popular plugins.

Moreover, Optime comes coupled with WPBakery and Slider Revolution that change the way how you build websites.

You can now make improvements and enhancements to the default look and create the ideal style for a website without the need to touch a single string of code.

Set yourself apart from the competition and enjoy the page that will scale your business –  with Optime.

More info / Download

25. Logistic

Logistic - WP Theme For Transportation Business

Logistic is a pleasantly appealing WordPress theme for logistics and transportation service businesses. It’s a beginner-friendly theme and takes only a few moments to set it up.

Despite its simplicity, the developers packed it with nifty features like custom components, typography, content animation capabilities, and CSS3 animation.

With 3,800+ customers already, it’s one of the highest acclaimed logistics/transportation theme in our roundup.

Logistic focuses on your services and their individual pages, but of course, you get to acquire clients as they come using the unique booking system already integrated into the theme itself.

If you are planning to attract organic search traffic, there’s a beautifully structured selection of blog designs, both in masonry and grid styles. (Content marketing!)

Logistic includes plenty of custom scripts and snippets that will surprise you as soon as you find out about them.

More info / Download

26. Logistics Company

Logistic Company Logistics - Transportation - Warehousing Theme

Logistics Company is a premium WordPress theme with a complex yet stylish design intended for high-quality businesses around the field of logistics, warehousing, trucking, and transportation.

The unique features for each of these fields really let you put your business into perspective for the client, further enhancing your digital presence as a trustworthy brand.

From the very top to the bottom of the page you’re working with custom components that help you outline every single ounce of detail about your business practices.

For layout customization you can pick between boxed and wide layouts, WPBakery-based demos, a range of unique header styles, custom hover effects, and more.

Available since 2016, Logistics Company keeps on getting bigger and better.

More info / Download

27. Translogic

Translogic – Just another WordPress site

Translogic is a fresh WP theme for logistics businesses oriented around cargo and general shipping services.

The theme is backed up by some exciting design features and standards. Once you check the demo it all becomes clear; the developers didn’t hesitate to invest their design skills into this beautifully well-rounded theme to ensure that customers are going to be happy.

We were instantly impressed with the way that they’ve designed the homepage header, the unique way that they’re using the main image slider accompanied by the company’s logo and navigation.

This is also one of the key features of Translogic — to utilize visual imagery and integrate it into the design so that it flows effortlessly, and feels as though it is part of the design as a whole. It creates a nice user experience for sure.

You’ll amaze and impress everyone with Translogic.

More info / Download

Disclosure: This page contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a commission if you choose to purchase mentioned product. The opinions on this page are our own and we don’t receive additional bonus for positive reviews.

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We’re Ending Our Lifetime Subscription Plans

Read Time:1 Minute, 51 Second

Around three years ago, we decided to shift gears a bit and focus all our development efforts on just a couple of flagship products (like Neve). This was a radical move, considering that we used to maintain tens of themes and plugins combined.

The goal of this decision was to make sure that we can deliver regular updates, quality support, and that everyone in the team knows and understands our products inside out.

The initial phase was challenging and the transition took some time, but we can now proudly say that we’ve managed to build a portfolio of products that are much more stable, with more features and better support.

We’re ready for the next step.

That next step is all about reinvesting in the company, improving our flagship offering even more, and introducing new exciting projects going forward.

To make room for that and to reflect the current value that our pro users get from our products more accurately, we’ve decided to stop offering lifetime subscription plans, effective October 7, 2021.

You probably have lots of questions. Here’s what you need to know:

“I already have a lifetime subscription. What will happen to me?”

Nothing. All existing customers will keep their lifetime licenses. We’re grandfathering everyone in!

“Can I still buy a lifetime license?”

Yes, you can still get them while they’re available (buy before October 7, 2021). The lifetime licenses are still a great deal and an opportunity to save money when using our products over the long term.

Get your lifetime license here:

“I’m on the annual plan. Can I still upgrade to lifetime?”

Yes, you can upgrade to a lifetime license in your Themeisle dashboard. Again, you have time until October 7, 2021.

We have some exciting stuff in the works for Neve, Hestia, and other products. We’ll let you know about all of that soon. Get those lifetime licenses while you can and don’t miss out on the new features!

Ionut Neagu
Founder of Themeisle

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Reduce your loading time by even 50-80%
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Everything You Need to Know in 2021

Read Time:8 Minute, 2 Second

WordPress Full Site Editing (FSE) represents an exciting shift in the way WordPress users design and develop websites. However, change isn’t always easy. As a website owner, you may be wondering what this new feature is and how you can prepare for it.

We’re here to help. In this article, we’ll introduce you to what WordPress Full Site Editing is and why it’s important for WordPress users.

Then, if you want to experiment with it yourself, we’ll show you how to try the full site editor before it’s officially released. By taking a look at the new tools introduced in WordPress 5.8 and installing the standalone Gutenberg plugin, you can test out the next phase in WordPress design.

📚 Table of contents:

An introduction to WordPress Full Site Editing (FSE)

When you create a WordPress website, you’ll typically define some global elements. This is any content that appears across multiple pages, such as your site’s header, footer, or navigation menu. Traditionally, website owners have worked with these global elements in the WordPress Customizer:

The WordPress Customizer.

WordPress websites also consist of page elements. As the name suggests, these features appear on specific pages, such as a video embedded in your latest blog post. You can add these elements via the WordPress editor:

The WordPress page editor.

The up-and-coming WordPress Full Site Editing (FSE) sets out to break down barriers and create a single interface where you can work with both page elements and global elements. Once FSE is released into WordPress Core, you should be able to build an entire website using only Gutenberg blocks.

For example, if you want to customize your site’s header, you would be able to design its layout using blocks with Full Site Editing. Similarly, you’ll also be able to use blocks to control the layout of your blog posts, the page that lists all of your blog posts, and so on.

How Full Site Editing can benefit your website

As a single interface, FSE promises to make it easier to design and build a world-beating website. Once FSE goes live, you’ll be able to define global elements and make page-specific changes without having to navigate between two editors. For example, you might use the full site editor to define your website’s title. You can then use the exact same editor to override the title for a specific webpage.

Immediately, you’re working more efficiently. It also means that you only need to learn a single workflow for making changes at the site level and editing individual webpages. This may help WordPress newcomers get up to speed faster.

Since you can edit at the global and page level simultaneously, FSE may help you improve the quality of your finished design. Instead of constantly shifting between different editors and then reviewing the finished product, you can see exactly how the completed layout will look as you’re editing it. This encourages website owners to experiment and explore their layouts in a way that is difficult to achieve when the design process is split across two entirely separate interfaces.

How to use Full Site Editing in WordPress

FSE may be in a work-in-progress, but some of its functionality has already made it into the core WordPress software.

WordPress 5.8 introduced some features that will pave the way for the full site editor. This includes the ability to add blocks to your website’s widget areas, such as your sidebar or footer:

The new widget block editing feature.

Ultimately, the goal of FSE is to enable you to build an entire website using nothing but Gutenberg blocks. Adding block support to widget areas marks another step towards making blocks the new standard in WordPress.

WordPress 5.8 also added some new patterns and blocks, including Query Loop. You can use this new element to display post types on any page. This makes it perfect for creating a page highlighting all of your most popular posts, or for displaying related content at the end of a blog post. Crucially, you can now create these pages without having to write a single line of code:

The Query Loop block.

When working with Query Loop, you can specify exactly what information this block should display. For example, you might include the post’s title, featured image, or excerpt.

Finally, WordPress 5.8 also lets you design custom post templates using blocks:

Using WordPress Full Site Editing to design post templates

With FSE placing blocks at the core of WordPress sites, feature-rich blocks such as Query Loop will likely become an essential part of website design and development. Therefore, we should expect to see more FSE-focused features in WordPress 5.9.

How to access Full Site Editing in the Gutenberg plugin (in 3 easy steps)

FSE is still under development, but you can get some hands-on experience with this new editor today. The standalone Gutenberg plugin is well-known for giving WordPress users the chance to explore up-and-coming features before they make it into WordPress Core. Full site editing is no exception. Here’s how you can access this new editor using the Gutenberg plugin.

1. Prepare your environment

FSE is currently classed as an experimental feature, which means it isn’t suitable to use on your live website. For this reason, we recommend creating a private testing environment where you can experiment with the full site editor.

You can spin up a local WordPress site using a service such as Local by Flywheel. Alternatively, you can create a staging environment.

Once you have a safe testing location, you can install and activate the Gutenberg plugin. If you already have this plugin, then it’s worth checking that you’re running the latest version:

We also recommend that you use PHP 7.3 or higher. If you’re unsure which version of PHP is powering your WordPress site, then you can check using your Site Health tool.

In the WordPress dashboard, navigate to Tools > Site Health. Health Check will automatically run a security and performance analysis, and display the results:

The WordPress Site Health tool.

Select the Info tab. You can then click to expand the Server section, which should display your current version of PHP.

If you’re using an outdated version of PHP, then you may be able to upgrade manually from your hosting provider’s control panel. For example, cPanel users can switch their version of PHP using the PHP Selector tool. Alternatively, you may need to contact your hosting provider directly and request an upgrade.

2. Install a theme that supports WordPress Full Site Editing

Not every theme supports WordPress full site editing, so you’ll need to install a block-based theme. There are a number of themes that are designed to support FSE. You can find them by using the Full Site Editing filter at the theme directory.

For this example, we’ll be using the Blockbase theme. Blockbase is created by Automattic, which is the company behind and WooCommerce.

Blockbase is a straightforward layout that comes with a selection of minimalistic templates and design settings. This simplicity makes Blockbase a great theme for experimenting with Full Site Editing.

After installing and activating Blockbase, you should see a new option: Site Editor (Beta). This is an experimental version of the full site editor. Now that you have everything in place, you’re ready to take FSE for a spin.

3. Customize your website

You can now edit any element on the screen by giving it a click. When you select an item, the full site editor will display some basic information about that item along the bottom of the screen:

The new WordPress full site editing feature.

A floating toolbar will also appear. You can use the options in this toolbar to edit the selected element. For example, if you click on a heading then you’ll be able to switch between the H1-H6 heading styles, or change its alignment:

The WordPress full site editing feature, available in the Gutenberg plugin.

To add more page and global elements, hover over the section where you want to insert this element. You can then select the + button when it appears. In the subsequent popup, choose the item that you want to insert, such as an image or a text block:

Creating a new element with WordPress full site editing.

Just be aware that this is an experimental version of FSE. Chances are, this isn’t 100% how the full site editor will function when it’s finally released into WordPress Core.

Despite this, it’s still useful to get some hands-on experience with FSE. Assuming you followed our advice and created a safe testing environment, it’s well worth spending some time experimenting with FSE’s various features to see what different effects you can create.

Try out WordPress Full Site Editing today

Change isn’t always easy, but the full site editor does promise some benefits for website owners. By preparing for Full Site Editing in WordPress, you’ll be in a strong position to hit the ground running as soon as FSE is released into the core WordPress software.

Let’s quickly recap how you can get some hands-on experience with FSE today:

  1. Prepare your environment.
  2. Install a theme that supports full site editing, such as the Blockbase theme.
  3. Customize your website with full site editing.

To learn how the Gutenberg block editor works in general, you can check out our introduction to the editor and its blocks.

Do you have any questions about the up-and-coming FSE? Let’s talk about them in the comments section below!

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5 Essential Tips to Speed Up
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Reduce your loading time by even 50-80%
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Orphans Lite – WordPress theme

Orphans WordPress theme responsive and flexible theme that comes with the easy to customize options and unique theme layout that can be useful for charity, Non Profit organizations, events, campaigns related websites. This theme comes with the page template where you can create the layout of the inner pages according to your requirement. This theme has been tested with all the screen resolutions and also tested with the major browser. This theme has a decent homepage layout where you will get all the sections like services, slider and more. This theme is tested with the latest version of WordPress and many popular plugins like woo-commerce, contact form 7 etc. These are indisputable qualities that flawlessly describe to this themes. Its design is carefully created for Non-Profit Organizations, Charity, churches, Events, and any other charity-based website.

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Kids Fashion – WordPress theme

Kids Fashion is a brilliant theme to create any website related to kids. It is implemented on bootstrap framework that really makes it handy to use. Its design is modern, luxurious, sophisticated and retina-ready that will make your visitors hooked to your site. The theme is best suitable for education, daycare, elementary school, music school, dance school, kindergarten, babysitter, paediatrician, kids store, sports camp, summer camp and such related websites. It is mobile-friendly theme with a responsive layout that looks beautiful on any device screen size, be it desktop, mobile or tabs. It is translation-ready and supports RTL layout. It is written well with secure and clean codes. Also, it is optimized for speed which is responsible for faster page load times. It offers many customization and personalization options. It is SEO-friendly too that will help your website get indexed soon on major search engines like Google. The social media option let’s you integrate all your social media pages with ease. With the testimonial section available, the visitors can comment on your services or work. This multipurpose theme is all you need to create a wonderful website for kids. Choose it and start creating one now! LIVE DEMO:

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Nursing Home – WordPress theme

Nursing Home Theme. It is fully featured and free WordPress theme. Theme is fully responsive design because of bootstrap based. Theme typography is very clean. Theme can be use for any hospital, doctor, healthcare, pharmacy, medical store, consulting services, science, lab, clinic, drug, mediation and yoga related website. Health Service theme is compatible with popular WordPress plugins like Yoast SEO, Jetpack, Elementor Page Builder, Gutenberg, Block-Enabled, WooCommerce, WPML, Contact Form 7, WPForms, Wordfence Security, WP Super Cache and more. The theme has a different blog design layout to start your health and wellness blog today. The theme has a top bar area to add and display important information for the website. Furthermore, it is Ultra SEO optimized theme. Besides the SEO optimized code, it comes with Markup ready to help your website rank higher in the search engine results. The theme features various sections on the homepage such as Slider section, Features section, Services section, About section, Call to Action section, Testimonial section, Team Section, Blog section. Theme has full width Page template too also Top header section will help you to discover more information. Theme has sticky menu option too. S start to design your website now.

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